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con cho dang ngay! - this world is wild at heart and weird on top
February 6th, 2006
06:32 pm


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con cho dang ngay!
the dog is jumping! happy year o' the dog!

i do remember choice bits of vietnamese.

i think i can successfully say i'm on the oh twelth step of reaculturation though. it's only taken me a few months or so, but i finally feel like i'm kinda in the right place now. it's either the time that's passed or the place, but probably a bit of both. i've only ever paid attention to one star trek episode thus far in life, but my mind has occasionally wandered back to it time and again in the past few months. it was the one where all the crew members lost their memory, so they didn't know where they were and what they were supposed to do, and so had to rely on their intuition. the doctor couldn't remember he was a doctor, but somehow felt inclined to do that work etc... yeah it was star trek, but sounds familiar.

what i've realized i really miss from asia (besides the people;) is urban living and a lack of zoning, and well, you can kinda find a bit of that here. just enough to keep you grounded at least. i buy sliced mango from this jamaican couple on the street at least once a week outside of my gym just for nostalgia sake I think. it reminds me of vietnam. they look poor and sweet and they cut the mango right there in front of you for a 50 cent profit. she always smiles at me and calls me dear and it reminds me for a brief moment of many other things.

and school, hmm. let's just say i'm getting used to all the hollerin' and have been working on my disciplining voice. what i find really sad though is seeing six year olds screaming and running around a room refusing to do anything and yelling things like 'hey, look at that bootie!' and talking about beating each other up. and when i look at some of them, and ride on the subway home looking at some of them, i feel like i can predict pretty well the path their life will likely take and it seems pretty bleak. and you'd think the outlook would be brighter, being they're only 6 years old and all and living in the u.s. but you can already see the pattern that's formed in many. and when their moms come in yelling things like fuck you to the teachers, well you've got to realize what the kids are a product of. i've also been pretty amazed at my ESL kids. well, maybe amazed isn't quite the right word... I went into teaching ESL to help the new immigrants who are fairly new and confused and really need to learn English, but i keep finding out that a lot of my students who are like 8 or older were born in the U.S. and they still don't know english... they're apparenlty this new generation of alingual kids who grow up not knowing or reading any language well. shocking. whole different world. instead of a time out room, there's a crisis intervention team. instead of seeing kids happily going home at dismissal, i see at least one crying and being dragged on the floor by the security guard cause they apparently don't want to go home or something. and there's no art, almost no gym, but instead hours of test prep every day... but then there are the nice ones too i suppose and the times when you actually feel like you're teaching ESL...

con cho dang ngay, con cho dang ngay... jump little dog, jump.

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Date:February 7th, 2006 01:33 am (UTC)


Hey Janice,
NIce words.... I'm taking a new path just like you but without changing locations. I need change... getting tired of the same old, same old. With David and Rebeca leaving and with you leaving last year, I've come to the conclusion that change it's that difficult and many times a good thing. Might even consider moving to Hanoi.

Watched State of the Union, what a bunch of crock.... then today unveils his buget with increased defense, and decreasing spending in socail security and health care, all the while increasing the nations deficit.

Where is our nation going?
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Date:February 28th, 2006 11:15 pm (UTC)

Re: path

our nation's going to hell... bad, bad karma
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