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well guess what santa brought janice for christmas this year.... a… - this world is wild at heart and weird on top
December 14th, 2005
12:33 am


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well guess what santa brought janice for christmas this year.... a bunch of little hispanic kids who don't know english, yaaay! just got hired on in the new york city public school system teaching esl grades 3-5 in january. not exactly my prefered age group (i have a strange thing for middle school kids) but i like em, and it seems like a good situation. quite a bizarre interview actually. and much different from that interview i had in cali where all i recall is telling the principal 'oh no, communist countries are actually very safe'. the school is about 70% hispanic and 30% african american, but i felt like i was in latin america as all i heard in the office the whole time i was there was spanish. and there's noone like hispanic women to get things done. much different from that other school that interviewed me and told me i just didn't have the certificates or forms to be 'hireable', these women in the office got on the phone and started bossing everyone around at the central office. pretty entertaining actually. i was a bit nervous listening to the 'budget' telephone conversation though: 'No, you said we had funds for an esl teacher! well you need to transfer the funds from title I into an esl fund then... well if there's not enough money, then take the funds from the special ed department'. or something like that. so i then timidly asked 'um, am i going to get properly paid for this job?' but they assured me i would. although at this point i'm not even sure i'd care. a job... yaaay.

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Date:December 20th, 2005 02:26 pm (UTC)

So happy for you

I'm so happy go got at job. Yaah! Yes, friends keep each other company on 72 hour trans-siberian trips! You're a good friend.
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